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Meet The Team

Vyalema Khosa

Well Program Coordinator and Coord. Livingstonia

Vyalema Khosa has worked at MMM since 2000. Starting as a Field Officer, he is now the Coordinator for Livingstonia and the entire Well Program. He enjoys being part of a program that works hand in hand with the local communities at a grass roots level. Mr. Khosa sees the communities get the wells that MMM promises and loves that they work with the villages to solve problems.  “I believe that helping one of God’s people is the fulfillment of Love that the Bible talks about, and that Love is the genesis of peaceful coexistence of human beings.” Outside of working for MMM, Mr. Khosa enjoys spending time with his family and children, going to the lake and playing pool.

Jordan Banda

Coordinator, Nkhoma

Working with MMM since 2006, Mr. Banda started out his work with MMM as a Field Officer. He sees how MMM is different by their target group: the most remote areas where other organizations may not reach. He also loves that all the funds go into the program and meet the people at a grassroots level. He particularly enjoys working with the communities and seeing the transition of people drinking dirty water to clean water. “My hope is that rural communities will be empowered to take initiative towards water and sanitation programs in order to improve their health status.” In his free time, Mr. Banda enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym, and staying up to date with the news.

Coordinator, Tanzania

Rev. Mwasakifwa has been working with MMM since 2004 and loves that MMM is connected to God’s purpose, serves the needy and does not financially profit for their work. Formerly a pastor, he goes to the villages and sees the community as part of a congregation that he can share the love of God with them. “I am inspired to work with all my efforts to help people have a better life, and to love all who participate in the mission. Glory be to God!” In his spare time, Rev. Mwasakifwa enjoys spending time with his children and family, hiking and watching soccer.

Chrispin Mhango

Coordinator, Zambia

Mr. Mhango has been working for MMM since 2003. As a coordinator of Zambia, he is in charge of overseeing the work of the Zambian Field Officers. “People have witnessed the love of God through the Well Program.”

Francis Mwanjikho

Field Officer, Dwangwa, Malawi

Since 2005, Mr. Mwanjihko has been a part of MMM’s staff.  He loves how MMM deals directly with the community and is geared to help them. One of his favorite parts of working with MMM is how he gets to share love with the community and be a part of passing along hope to them. “I measure my success in life by the extent to which I have lived to serve others.” In his spare time, he goes to church activities, spends time with family, visits friends, goes on walks and reads books.

Edwin Nyondo_edited.jpg

Edwin Nyondo

Field Officer, Nkhamenya, Malawi

Mr. Nyondo has been working with MMM since 2006. Many of the villages he works with have never seen a car and he enjoys being able to work with them and help provide them with clean water. Mr. Nyondo believes that MMM is different than other organizations because it not only provides a protected water source for the villages but by the large number of wells that they install each year. “I believe that all people must have safe, clean drinking water, and because of that, I work with MMM team members to help rural communities gain access to potable water.” When not installing wells, Mr. Nyondo enjoys going to church, visiting relatives and friends, and going to the lake with his wife.

Lewis Silungwe

Field Officer, Karonga, Malawi

Since 2006, Mr. Silungwe has been a part of the MMM well team. What makes Mr. Silungwe smile at the end of the day is that he knows MMM is unique because they keep their promises to the villagers and deliver wells at the expected time.  When talking about MMM, the first thought that comes to mind is the love of Christ and how that is shared through clean water.  “I have a strong passion to serve the less privileged, and by the grace of God, MMM helps me serve such people by providing them with clean water.” When not working for MMM, Mr. Silungwe serves as an elder and youth leader in his church. He enjoys going to Lake Malawi and spending time with his family.

Mavuto Nyrienda

Field Officer, Mzuzu, Malawi

Working with MMM since 2009, Mr. Navuto enjoys working with the local communities and seeing how his work has helped people in need by alleviating their suffering and improving their lives. With MMM, he sees that they have well founded structure in the villages and a relationship that is harmonious and aids sustainability.  Mr. Navuto sees Jesus and how His love is displayed, wherever MMM goes.  “If we do and speak accordingly to God’s Word, there is light in us and many will hear our testimony. Helping others is the first step in better living.” When not working with MMM, he likes to read books and spend time with his son.

Samuel Hara

Field Officer, Embangweni, Malawi

Mr. Hara started working with MMM in 2016. He enjoys being part of MMM because of its commitment in sharing the love of Christ by working with the communities and providing them easy access to a sustainable source of portable water. Mr. Hara enjoys seeing people’s livelihoods being transformed for the better. MMM facilitates this transformation through provision of clean and safe drinking water and he is happy being part of the team. He believes MMM is different because it reaches out further into hard to reach remote areas. The organization stresses much on self-help, which empowers the communities to take charge of their wells thereby making the program sustainable. “I see God in MMM because it emulates Jesus Christ in assisting those that are needy in the remote areas. Jesus encouraged those who wanted to be his followers to recognize their obligation to assist needy ones.” During his free time, Mr. Hara enjoys playing volleyball, going to the gym, swimming and chatting with friends.

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