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  • Northern Malawi has been hit by floods destroying homes and crops
  • Thousands are starving
  • $30 buys a bag of maize to feed 2 families for a month
  • MMM delivers relief in days--not weeks, months or years

Marion Medical Mission hopes to raise $25,000 by Monday (March 30, 2020) to feed 1700 families by Thursday, April 2, 2020 (3 days later).
  • The floods began January 24, 2020. As of March 9, Mr. Silungwe (Marion Medical Mission Field Officer in Karonga, Northern Malawi) reports 55 maintenance people have been impacted, crops washed away, and the cassava has rotted. There are 2,052 people living in camps, and 190 MMM wells damaged that can’t be used. The report concludes saying “We are still receiving rains…which means we may have more wells affected…”
  • Mr. Khosa (MMM’s African Coordinator for Northern Malawi), Mr. Silungwe, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian and their prayer houses have identified more than 2,000 families in desperate need of food.
  • On March 18, 2020, MMM got $25,000 to Mr. Khosa, to buy and distribute 800  110-pound bags of maize to starving families as a result of the flood. By March 21, 2020, 3 days later, Mr. Khosa had purchased 850 110-pound bags of maize, delivered 425 bags to families without food, and got the second 425 bags delivered the next day. The turnaround time from receipt of funds to delivery to the hungry…3 days!! HELLO.
  • Mr. Khosa asked if they could give one bag to 2 families. I said it was up to him. In a text message March 24, 2020, he says: “In some cases 3 families are sharing one 50kg (110-pound) bag of maize.”
   We can feed a hungry family (maybe 3 families) for a month, 8,500 miles away, for $30.
                                       Join us!
  • April 1 update received from Mr. Khosa at 3:08 a.m. The pictures are of the verification process where families, preselected as having the greatest need, sign a document next to their family name. These families were identified and selected by the CCAP church, Mr. Khosa, Field Officer Mr. Silungwe, Installation Supervisors, and the Zone Committees (representatives of rural Well committees covering the entire area that was flooded). Understand, they received the funds on Monday. This is Wednesday and the selected families have gathered at distribution points to receive maize that will feed their families for a month. All this completed, (maize found and purchased, selected families notified, and the food distributed) 2 days after receipt of the funds. Think about this! Please. It is awesome…the honesty, coordination, the efficiency, the effectiveness… HELLO. A God thing…
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