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Clean Water
Christ's Love

Marion Medical Mission seeks to

share the love of Christ with the extreme poor in Africa by providing all in

need with a sustainable source of

clean, safe drinking water.

Marion Medical Mission is an ecumenical, Christian, front-line, hands-on, volunteer, non-profit organization that responds to Christ’s call to serve by working hand in hand with God’s people in Africa. We show the love of Christ through projects that directly impact the African people, stressing self-help and sustainability.

MMM operates from a position of joy.


MMM recognizes our Christian principles and

seeks to proclaim them in all our words and actions.


MMM seeks to be a good steward of all our

resources and follow fiscally conservative policies.


MMM promises to lift our ministry and those

involved and impacted in prayer.

MMM gives God all the glory for our

successes and blessings.


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