Since its inception, Marion Medical Mission has built its well program around the close, hand- in-hand working relationship between our American volunteers and our incredible African Partners. The ultimate goal has always been to create a sustainable, affordable well-building program run by Africans for the benefit of the poorest of the poor in Africa.


The coronavirus pandemic prevented MMM from sending teams of American volunteers in both 2020 and 2021. In spite of this unwelcome change to our standard approach, our African Partners were able to meet and exceed our goals both years … 3,172 wells were built in 2020 and 3,413 wells were built in 2021!  While these accomplishments highlight  the competency, drive, and dedication of our Partners, the American volunteers were sorely missed and the program’s organizers - in both the US and in Africa - want American volunteers back on the ground in Africa!


The covid pandemic is unfortunately still with us and continues to present both health and travel risks. In light of that, the board of directors of Marion Medical Mission has reluctantly decided this year we will not be taking applications for new volunteers. Instead - assuming conditions permit - MMM plans to send a small group of experienced MMM volunteers to work on the ground with our African partners. We believe the experienced volunteers will be able to give the MMM board of directors a good idea of the strengths and opportunities present in the well-building program after two years of operating without American volunteers … all toward the end of making our beloved well-building program the best it can possibly be.


We appreciate more than we can say the interest that all our friends and supporters have in the continued success of Marion Medical Mission. It saddens us to be facing a third well-building season without the participation of new volunteers … fresh eyes, hands, and hearts are an integral part of our American volunteer teams. We want to share the miracle that is Marion Medical Mission with you and look forward to a return to some sense of normalcy in our volunteer teams in 2023! If you have felt the call to come work with us in Africa, we truly hope you keep that fire alive and make plans to apply in 2023!


Uchindami kwa chiuta!! Glory to God!!

For we are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life.

Ephesians 2:10

Mid-February: Application Available click here for application

April 1st: Application Due

Mid-April: Team Notification

June/July: U.S. Orientation

September/October: Trips Begin

The love of Christ propels MMM to provide for those that need clean water. This is most evident to the

villagers when men and women from around the world give up their time and money to make sure that the community

receives the gift of life through clean water. Our volunteers are a vital part of Marion Medical Mission. Their presence

during well installations is an indication to the villagers that they are not alone in their needs, but that there are

people thousands of miles away who know their plight and care enough to help.

When in Africa, volunteers are paired up and sent out to the most remote villages with a member of our African

staff. The off-road, four-wheel drive trucks are loaded with parts to complete the wells. Many of the wells are past

the point of truck allowance; volunteers must then walk the remaining distance to a well site.  Once they arrive, a member

of our African staff works to install the pump as the volunteers talk with villagers and record data for the well. After the

installation, the volunteer dedicates the well to the Glory of God, says a prayer with the community and takes a picture

of the villagers gathered around the well in celebration. The interaction between volunteers and villagers is an integral

part of the Well program as it establishes love, trust and hope for the future.

MMM volunteers must be over 21 years of age by the starting date of the trip. They travel to Africa for a three-week

period on one of two teams. These teams go between mid-September and the end of October. All volunteers are

responsible for financing their own trips. The cost for an average MMM volunteer is between $3,000 and $4,000, including

airfare, room and board, immunizations, and various expenditures. Those interested in volunteering submit an application

between mid-February and end of March. The MMM volunteer committee reviews the application and conducts interviews of applicants. Due to limitations, only 20 volunteers per team are accepted.  Each volunteer is required to attend a one-day training session tentatively scheduled in either June in Estes Park, CO or in July in Marion, IL.

The experiences that volunteers take part in are life changing. The joy and smiles you see from the people of Africa

stay with you. Being a volunteer with MMM is a great way to live out Christ’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.

“I saw such joy on all of the village faces at each site as they received this wonderful gift but I will never forget the happy amazement on the faces of the older men and women who said, ‘we never thought we would see this in our lifetime.’ What a privilege to represent Marion Medical Mission and all of the donors who made this possible for over 2,500 villages this year alone.”

~Tara Wentworth, 2016 MMM volunteer

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