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Ken Smith* joined his wife, Sarah, in their eternal home in 2017. They lived a life of service in the health profession, aiding destitute families with their skills and resources. After considering their loved ones and their church, they bequeathed $12,500 to Marion Medical Mission.  In 2017, 31 wells were built in Ken and Sarah's memory.  


You live a purposeful and compassionate life. You have given “to the least of these” a cup of water in a faraway land. We hope you will consider a Legacy of Love gift so that you will continue to make a difference that will honor and reflect your values.



Your legacy of love will continue to make a difference for future generations.

A simple protected water well will change and save lives. Water is Life.


We hope you will consider Marion Medical Mission in a legacy gift that will

help provide life-giving and sustainable water wells.

If Marion Medical Mission is in your legacy giving, please include in your documents:

Legal name:  Marion Medical Mission

Address: 1412 Shawnee Drive, Marion, IL. 62959

Federal ID # 37-1277129

We also hope you will share that decision with us.  We

would love to have the opportunity to thank you.

That means an estimated 3,843 people (2,306 children) will have access to safe drinking water.  One in five children under the age of 5 will no longer die from water-borne disease.  Ken and Sarah's legacy of saving vulnerable lives will continue not only this year, but the next year, and the year after that. Mothers will lead more productive lives because they no longer have to walk to a dirty water hole to fetch water or tend to sick children.






*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our donors.

**This publication is intended to provide general information. It is not

intended to substitute for legal or financial planning advice. It is essential

that you consult with legal and tax professionals to address your

personal situation and create an appropriate estate plan.

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