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Meet The Team

Goodwin Banda

Field Officer, Lumezi, Zambia

Mr. Banda joined the MMM team in 2015 and has witnessed the power and miracle of God through water point’s provisions to the neediest communities. He enjoys sharing experiences with the American volunteers and their spirit of stewardship by working in these poor peripheral areas of rural Zambia. MMM has taught him to be Godly and humble before communities that he serves. MMM is different because it takes a positive approach to impoverished communities on water issues, unlike other entities. “I witness the power and presence of God in our day to day MMM activities in a number of things: such as intervention on water problems because of the US donations, the humility the volunteers show to come to Africa and help in the installation exercise, and the way MMM runs the entire program in Zambia.” Mr. Banda enjoys going to church, studying, reading, and being with fellow work mates and family in his free time.

Moses Langa

Accountant, Livingstonia, Malawi

Mr. Langa has been working with MMM since 2007. Mr. Langa is one of MMM’s accountants. He handles all of the finances for the Well Program and is a great asset to the MMM team.

Accountant, Zambia

Mr. Chilembo started with MMM in 2012. He is our accountant located in Zambia and handles all the finances for their Well Program.

Henry Soko

Production Manager, Embangweni, Malawi

Mr. Soko has been with MMM since its beginning in 1990. He manages the production of all the pump and downhole parts for the Well Program.

Peter Kalonga

Mzuzu house caretaker, Mzuzu, Malawi

Since 2007, Mr. Kalonga has been a part of MMM. He runs the property and prepares all the made-from-scratch meals for the guests. His great food and hospitality is well-known among past volunteers.

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