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A Gift Straight From Our Creator

Susie Selock

It was my first week in the field installing wells in Central Malawi. I was getting accustomed to the routine of bumpy long rides to well sites and being greeted by happy welcoming villagers. I was paired with veteran MMM volunteer Ellen Doshier who did a great job of teaching me the ropes. At one village site, a proud mother presented us with her newborn twins and we were honored to be able to hold their tiny bodies all wrapped up in beautiful chitenje cloth. The mother shown here behind us was beaming with great pride. I was so happy for this young family.

Ellen told me later that twins born in Malawi were a mixed blessing. Often due to the hardship of raising 2 infants at a time, the twins did not survive infancy. The Malawi government used to offer subsidies to families with twins but the government is no longer able to do this due to financial reasons.

The fact that this mother now has access to clean safe drinking water at just the right time for these newborns seemed to be a gift straight from our Creator.

Please join me in praying for these 2 new lives and for the work done by Marion Medical Mission through the grace of God working as the Body of Christ.

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