Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Heavy rains in January, February and March of 2020 caused massive flooding in the Karonga District of northern Malawi.

Homes, businesses and crops were destroyed, leaving many living in tents without adequate basic needs. On March 18,

just as quarantine was being enforced in the U.S., Marion Medical Mission’s Coordinator, Mr. Vyalema Khosa, sent word

that many were starving. MMM immediately responded, providing $25,000 to purchase maize (corn) to feed the hungry.


850 110-pound bags of maize were purchased; each bag to provide a family of 6 the food needed for a month. By March

21st , the maize had been purchased and distributed, 8,500 miles away in the African country of Malawi. It took only 3


Marion Medical Mission put the word out and many responded. Our funding goal was reached in record time.

As a result, we were able to send the second $25,000 on March 30th , and 1025 110-pound bags of maize were

purchased. By April 1st , the maize had been distributed. A 2-day turn around, from purchase to distribution.


In a matter of a few days, 1,875 bags of maize were purchased and distributed providing over 11,250 people the

food they needed for a month; a cost of $4.44 to feed a hungry person for a month.

Marion Medical Mission’s African Coordinators, Field Officers, Installation Supervisors are the best! None better.

They represent honesty, leadership, compassion, heart, skill, expertise, efficiency, effectiveness, and teamwork.

Jesus said loving your neighbor as yourself is like loving God, the first and greatest commandment.


Make love your aim. What you do speaks so loud I can’t hear what you say. The time is now. When we pray we

move our feet.

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