Famine in Malawi

In August of 2015, Marion Medical Mission learned Malawi was facing a terrible famine and many people were on the verge of starvation. We set a goal to raise $100,000 to buy maize to help feed the people.

Marion Medical Mission put the word out that a family of 6 could be fed for an entire month for just $20. This $20 was to buy a 110-pound bag of maize and get it distributed to the family at risk.

Rev. Kachapapa, General Secretary of the Synod of Nkhoma, asked the leadership of each rural congregation in the Central Region of Malawi to get together with the Traditional Authorities and select 250 of the most vulnerable families in each area.

The last distribution was in Liziri in the Kasungu District in late October 2016, 1782 families showed up hoping they might get maize. We had 250 bags to distribute to the 250 families that had been identified. After half bags had been distributed, I got up and walked around the side of the church building. There were two 110-pound bags of maize on the ground. They had been opened and the maize was being put into smaller sacks and buckets. I looked across the dirt road and they were doing the same thing there...and, also, in the distance under some trees. Confused, I turned to Mr. Khosa and asked what was going on...he said: "they were sharing the maize they got with the families that didn't get any."

When Mamma Jocelyn was able to pull all the numbers together to determine the total cost, we found out the $20 to feed a family of 6 for a month was wrong…it was $17.54. At the end of the day, 47,000, 110-pound bags of maize had been purchased and distributed. Who is good at math? 47,000 times $17.54 is $824,380. HELLO.

There is not a shortage of resources. There is not a shortage of food to feed the hungry. God has given us more than enough.

My solution to everything is the same. Very simple. Whatever the problem, the difficulty, the tragedy; pray, then dig a well. Be involved in a miracle. Share Christ's love. Feed the hungry, give the thirsty safe drinking water; go the 2nd mile to greet those who look different, are different, believe different…let them move ahead in line, buy their lunch (even and especially those you don’t know), smile and make them feel welcome…at the grocery store, gas station, restaurant…wherever. We must not wait. Jesus has called us. Together as God’s people the impossible is possible. Apart, the possible is impossible. Let's pray, move our feet, and dig a well.

Only together can we be who God created us to be.

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