Who's Blessing Whom?

Well season progresses and the miracles keep coming. As Team One is traveling back to the U.S., hundreds of wells are already complete! Thousands of people now have a clean, sustainable source of drinking water, improving their chances of having a healthy and productive future.

A long-time volunteer shared about her experiences last year as she and her partner installed 88 wells across Zambia. She says, "After each well has been installed, we conduct a dedication of the new protected water source. It starts with a prayer from someone in the community. We've heard two prayers that were in English! How humbling! Usually, I pray for the water and village, that the well will bring the citizens health and energy. When I got to hear the prayer from them, it was about God giving us strength to continue our work, to bless us and to bless those in America who helped them to get this safe, clean water."

While our volunteers and supporters at home are praying for the African villagers, those same people are often praying for us! How humbling, indeed!

These same villages are some of the poorest in the world - many families in the areas we serve survive on less than the equivalent of $3 per day, and yet, they give the volunteers and staff a multitude of gifts as their well installation is complete.

While we are blessed with abundance which we sometimes don't appreciate, those who live in total poverty without many of the things Americans consider essential are looking outside of themselves and praying for us. They have almost no material possessions, but they give what they have and, in generosity, they share with totally open hearts.

Join with us now to pray for the volunteers, the staff, and most of all, the African people who are praying for you. There is still much work to do before the rains come in November -- many would say the task ahead impossible to complete. However, together, we make the impossible possible!


This Feel Good story includes thoughts from Jessi Stitt. Jessi has been on five MMM trips and served on both Team One and Team Two in 2018

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