This amazing place called Africa

This was my third time for MMM and I was in Zambia this time. I have now been in all three countries, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. The experience never gets old, it never becomes routine, it never ceases to amaze me how awesome this project is. Matter of fact, now that I have been there several times, I’m able to not be so overwhelmed by the initial culture shock and the change in climate or the severity of the roads. I was able to absorb more of the subtleties of the people, of Africa itself this time around. I was able to hear the songs of the birds, the chatter of the villagers, to watch the interactions between the villagers and each other and those who had come to the well. I focused more on their eyes this time, watching what they watched and watched them watching me. I was able to ask better questions of my Field Officers and thus learned more of the complexities of life in Africa. All of it just makes me ready to go back to continue to see this amazing project work. To participate in the “impossible.” To watch God at work and to see what God is doing in this amazing place called Africa.


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