Wayne dedicating a new well with Zambian Field Officer, Thomas Soko.

This year was my third trip to Zambia with MMM and as always I was humbled to be in a position to accept the gratitude and thanks from the villagers following well dedication.  Typically, this takes place in the offering of gifts of chickens, groundnuts, bananas and the like which are of significant value to the villagers.  At one well this gratitude took on another form when a woman approached my volunteer partner, Steve Woxland, and me with a request to give us a blessing in return for the blessing she had received of clean water from the well.  Her blessing was in the form of a 2 liter pitcher of “clean water” which she poured over our heads.  It was mid-day and the cool water was indeed refreshing, but the blessing meant far more than respite from the heat; to her it was response to a life-saving gift.  It was hard not to see the parallel to the life-saving gift we acknowledge in baptism, and I told her it felt good to be baptized again.