This was my first trip for Marion Medical Mission Shallow Well Project. I have been to Africa before and must say I wanted to go back as Africa had gotten into my blood. I have been on “mission trips” before and have always felt I received much more than I contributed. This was no different. What an abundance of blessings awaited me in Malawi. The African people were my greatest blessing. They are so giving and caring for each other, and included me in that circle. What a blessing to help the villages in their work to have a source of protected water, so their families can have safe water. What a blessing to attend church services with Mr. Wilfred Kamanga, a field officer I was fortunate to work with. Church services lasted for two and one half hours and were so spirit

Steve Teksten, 2012 Volunteer

Steve Teksten, Volunteer

filled. What a blessing for one village headman to tell me getting the water flowing was like what happened to Moses and the Israelites in the Sinai desert when God made the water flow for them. What a blessing to have many headman ask us to keep working to bring safe water to other villages.

The last Sunday before we left for home we had a very simple but moving service for our group. We were asked to tell where we had seen God in the prior three weeks. I did not respond, as I needed more time to process what I had experienced.

Now I can say I saw God in the villages, where we always had a prayer to start the dedication of the well. I saw God at the church service where more than 200 children sat on the floor at the front of the church around the altar, for 2 1/2 hours. I saw God in the dedication of the African MMM staff to provide safe water for their people. I saw God at each village whose members clearly have a close relationship with their God. I felt God when we had to navigate a ravine which was so steep I could not stop the pickup from sliding down the slope, but was able to drive back up that steep slope with no problem.

As we started on this journey, Tom Logan spoke to us telling us we were about to do something we could not humanly do, but with the help of God we could see this mission to completion. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have been able to participate in this amazing work.