Once again, I was in Zambia, staying in the towns of Lundazi & Chipata.  There would be days of driving over two hours before getting to the first well.  My partner and I drove nearly 1,800 miles, and completed 96 wells.  As a result, over 2,400 households now have clean water, serving over 24,000 people!

Where was God?

–       Outside of Chipata, the villages were set in open plains with the mountains in the background.  How beautiful.

–       Villages’ gardens, so green, often next to the new wells

–       Women singing with wonderful harmony at the wells

–       Villages excitement (especially children) when the truck would arrive

–       Willingness of the villagers to help carry the hand pump parts to the well

–       Children shouting muzungu (white person)

–       Children wanting to hold hands with muzugu walking to/from the wells

–       The excitement of all the people trying to get a taste of the clean water from the new well

Words cannot describe the feeling one has when you see clean water coming from a new well after walking by open contaminated water holes.

Where was God?  God was everywhere!

~Harry Bremer, MMM Volunteer