I drew the “short straw”, they teased. You are assigned to Tom Logan. As we all know, I actually drew the “long straw”!

Steve out in the field, at a village.

I only worked with Tom for three days before he turned me loose to being solo with a field officer. In those three days, it was reinforced to me that MMM is a Christian organization. The motive then to what we are doing, becomes more clear. In the words of John Piper in his book, The Dangerous Duty of Delight, he says “our love of Christ should overflow to gladly meet the needs of others”.

Working solo with a field officer was also a blessing for me (maybe not for the field officers) since it allowed me to visit one-on-one with two really great men. Field officers, Wilfred and Watson, although each different as personalities, were still very much the same in their commitment to the work of MMM. I was impressed in many ways with them, the installation officers, the builders and the maintenance people as we installed and dedicated the wells.

At the well dedications, I would tell the people in the village that their well was special because it represents and reflects the love of Christ. After saying this numerous times, I thought shouldn’t my whole life reflect the love of Christ. I also pointed out to the people in the village that on the cap of their well it said, Glory to God, in both of our languages. Since I really enjoy and take possession of the Isaiah passage that says, God will share His Glory with no one, I was profoundly pleased when numerous headmen clearly stated that they knew it was God who had blessed their village with a well.

The one incident that really fascinated me, and still does, is when a very articulate young man in a village told me that I was the first white man ever to visit his village.

I close by putting a bookend to Jocelyn’s comments regarding the starfish. After a long day of “bouncing” through Malawi’s back roads and feeling a little spent, I was able to say, we did make a difference for this village.

I regard it as a privilege and a blessing to be a volunteer with MMM.

Steve Woxland, MMM Volunteer