As we arrive at each well, the village people (including children) are excited, as they have been patiently waiting for clean water. Everyone wants to help carry the pump parts to the well. After the pump is installed, we have a dedication service. The villagers are told that a Christian in the United States heard about the need for clean water and donated money for such. The villagers understand that this is now their well, and are told to take care of it. We then ask if anyone has anything to say. The village headman usually speaks. We are often told that the village will now have clean water and not have to share open water pits with the animals. There will be fewer water borne diseases.  They won’t have to walk as far for the clean water.

At one well, the village headman told us that the villagers “were humbled by our presence”.

How does one reply to this kind of a comment?  We say “thank you,” but this seems so insignificant.

Jesus said: I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink (Matthew 25:35).  If we give them clean and safe water, we are also showing our love for them, and giving them God’s living water.

We are there to help others, as was Jesus’ example.  It is we who are humbled, to be servants of the Lord.