Jerry, a pattern maker, first heard of MMM when MMM founder, Tom Logan, came to his church in Quincy, IL in 1996 to give a presentation.  He planted the seed. A year later, Tom returned for another presentation; and watered that seed. A year later Jerry found himself in Malawi; the plant was growing. Jerry has been involved with MMM since 1998 and became a board member in 2001. After his first day in Africa, he knew that this was for him and during that first trip God confirmed it was where he was needed. “I love MMM because it is a Christ centered and grassroots organization. MMM work’s directly with the people of Africa, side by side with the people and is making a BIG difference in the lives of the African people. We get our hands dirty working with the African people and that fits me perfectly.”

Fun Fact: If Jerry were to be an animal, he would be an eagle, because he could fly above the earth and view God’s creation from a different prospective and all its full beauty.