• Tom Logan, President

    Tom, Founder and President of Marion Medical Mission, is a graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary. In the 1960s, he worked with Albert Schweitzer for 2 months in Africa, worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in voter registration drives, and spent time with Palestinian refugees in Jerusalem, and worked in a Kibbutz in Israel. In the 1970s, he developed and built low income housing projects in 10 southern Illinois towns. In 1985, he co-founded Marion Medical Mission with his wife, Jocelyn, and has been a driving force behind the organization’s success of providing 2.4 million people with clean water.

    Fun Fact: in 2000, Tom was in a car accident that crushed his left hip, punctured a lung, and broke 7 ribs. Fourteen months later he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for the second time.

  • Jocelyn Logan, Treasurer

    Jocelyn, Founder and Secretary/Treasurer of Marion Medical, lives in Marion, IL. From 1966-72 she was a teacher at Cabrini Green in Chicago. Since 1972 she has helped develop, build, and manage low-income housing in Southern Illinois. She is an elder at First Presbyterian Church, Marion. In 1985 she co-founded Marion Medical Mission. She has been on more than 20 mission trips where her major efforts included working to build schools in Malawi and installing shallow wells. She plays a major role in coordinating the volunteers when they are in Africa.

    Fun fact: Once Tom was speaking a Presbyterian church eight months after a car accident. Before he rose to speak, Jocelyn whispered, “LIMP.” The church gave all of the $23,000 for a Library and Administration building at Loudon Full Primary School.

  • Jim Nussbaumer, Vice-President

    Jim, a Vice-President, is a retired electrical and software engineer from Estes Park, CO. Jim went on his first trip with MMM in 1999 and became interested in the Shallow Well program. Since that first journey, he has traveled to Malawi with MMM every year. He also escorts groups from his home church to do study tours of Malawi and enjoys meeting the Malawians.

  • Rev. Marlin Otte, Vice-President

    Marlin, a vice-president, is pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Marion, IL. He has been a supporter of MMM from the beginning and a member of four mission teams since his first trip in 1996. “I will never tire of the joy and gratitude I see on the faces of the people when they first begin to pump their well. Nothing compares to the satisfaction one feels knowing those villagers will now have a clean, safe sustainable source of water for the rest of their lives.”

  • Doug Kee

    Doug lives in Plymouth, MI with his wife Corinne. They have two sons, Andy and Charlie. Doug has volunteered in Malawi and Tanzania with Marion Medical Mission each year from 2009-2013. He also serves with his home church, First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth (FPCP), as a Sunday School teacher, Elder, youth worker and co-chair of the National International Mission committee.  Doug loves travel and has visited Malawi eleven times.  He believes deeply in the mission and practices of Marion Medical Mission and is very honored to serve on the board. In his spare time, Doug works as logistics manager for a scrap metal company in Detroit.

  • Hayden Boyd, Ph.D

    Hayden Boyd and his wife met Tom and Jocelyn Logan, Jim and Carol Nussbaumer, and other MMM folks at the Embangweni Mission Station in 2000, where they were visiting medical missionary friends. He learned about the work of MMM and was impressed by the emphasis on partnership with the African people and the policy of directing 100% of contributions to the designated purpose, without the usual deductions for overhead and administration. We also were attracted by the warmth of the Malawian people. Since 2005, he has returned to Malawi every year to help install wells. He is a vital asset to MMM as he developed Android-based data collection programs that allow us to monitor sustainability.

    Fun Fact: Hayden and his wife, Margot lived in Malawi from 2002 – 2005.

  • Joyce Heath

    Joyce is a registered nurse and a woman’s healthcare nurse practitioner from Decatur, IL. She and her husband, Bill, have been involved with MMM since 1997, working with Embangweni Hospital as well conducting workshops at various schools and churches.

    Fun Fact: Joyce helps to collect, pack and ship medications and school supplies to Malawi each year.

  • Meg Presley

    Meg is a retired attorney living in Birmingham, AL who has been traveling to Malawi to volunteer with Marion Medical Mission every year since 2006. The first year she volunteered, she taught art to the children at the Embangweni School for the Hard of Hearing, but was asked after her first week if she’d be willing to switch to working in the field installing wells because another driver was needed . . . she’s been out in her truck ever since! “Working side by side with our amazing group of field officers, installation supervisors, builders and villagers is an unbelievable privilege. Each installation in each village is nothing short of a miracle.”

    Fun fact: When Meg is not in Malawi, she enjoys traveling to other parts of the world, painting, and playing with her two beautiful granddaughters.

  • Leah Covey, Moderator

    A lifetime educator serving over 40 years as a classroom teacher, principal, reading specialist, and adjunct instructor at S.I.U. Carbondale, Illinois. Currently retired and enjoying being a wife to Jim, mom to daughter Lily, and master to dogs, Cupper and Mr. Wu. Free time is spent reading, serving as event coordinator for our church, and walking the dogs.

    “I’ve served nearly 30 years with Marion Medical Mission from it’s inception. I worked as their secretary, served on the board for a short time, helped pack many a footlocker, organized and carried-out fundraisers, and am currently serving as the moderator for the annual board meetings. It has been awesome seeing what God can do by empowering people to make a difference in the lives of those who need good quality ‘WATER!'”