African Team

  • Watson Kapachika

    Watson Kapachika, Field Officer, Mchinji, Malawi- Mr. Kapachika has been working with MMM since 2011. He sees the difference between MMM and other organizations in the fantastic organization and structure and how their goals are always reached. One thing he cherishes most about his work is when he sees the happiness of the villagers and the praises to God after the wells are installed. “I believe that the Lord walks with us as we strive to serve the poor. What is impossible with human beings is possible with God.” Mr. Kapachika enjoys watching soccer in his spare time.

  • Wilfred Kamanga

    Wilfred Kamanga, Field Officer, Kasungu, Malawi-Mr. Kamanga has been working with MMM since 2011. He loves how MMM takes a different approach in working with the communities, starting with them at the initial stage of their well and empowering them to do something for themselves instead of just receiving handouts. When he sees people getting their water for the first time, he is very proud. In his spare time, he enjoys watching soccer.

  • Francis Kaponda

    Francis Mayamiko Kaponda, Field Officer, Malawi- Mr. Kaponda has been working with MMM since 2012. He believes that allowing the well recipients to take ownership of the program and focusing on sustainability makes MMM stand out amongst other organizations. Mr. Kaponda believes the Shallow Well program shows the love of God and reaches the most remote area where people previously felt they had no hope. He enjoys seeing lives being saved and doing the work of God. When not working for MMM, he sings in his church choir and watches soccer.

  • Innocent Deus

    Innocent Deus, Field Officer, Mbozi, Tanzania- Since 2010, Mr. Deus has been building shallow wells for MMM. He loves when he gets to watch the villagers pump water for the first time and seeing that it is clean water. Mr. Deus believes that MMM is different because it is people oriented and people centered, the beneficiaries of the wells working with the MMM staff during the process of selecting the villages that receive wells.  “Working with the MMM Shallow Well Program gives me the opportunity to serve God by serving others.” In his spare time, Mr. Deus enjoys reading novels and watching movies.

  • John Wellah

    John John Wellah, Field Officer, Njombe, Tanzania- Mr. Wellah has been working with MMM since 2009. He enjoys the godly work of MMM, helping people with love and working together in peace, joy and partnership. He believes the support of the donors and the sustainability of the wells is what sets MMM apart from other organizations. “I work with MMM because I want to serve God by helping my people gain access to safe, clean water, especially rural people who are living in a vulnerable environment. It is my desire to help through love and a whole heart.” When not installing shallow wells, Mr. Wellah enjoys playing and watching soccer.

  • Luseshelo Magwaza

    Luseshelo Magwaza, Field Officer, Mbeya, Tanzania- Mr. Magwaza has been working with MMM since 2008 and loves seeing the well coordination that MMM employs. Seeing the results and working with the community is the part of his job that he enjoys the most. “I love working with MMM because it responds to Christ’s call to serve others. We share His love by taking care of God’s people in Africa through the provision of clean water.” Mr. Magwaza enjoys farming and working on his maize and ground nut plantations.

  • Sunday Samson

    Sunday Samson, Field Officer-Mbozi, Tanzania.  Beginning in 2015, Mr. Samson started working with MMM and is proud to work with us because it gives him a chance to share the love of God and serve the communities that will now have access to safe and clean water. It is Mr. Samson’s desire to help people who are in […]

  • John Lubinza

    John Lubinza, Field Officer, Tanzania-Working with MMM since 2010, Mr. Lubinza enjoys working the people in the villages. He feels MMM is set apart from other organizations because they work closely with indigenous people. When Mr. Lubinza hears MMM, the first thought that comes to his mind is Shallow Well Program because it provides safe and clean water for the entire village. Outside of MMM, he enjoys playing soccer where he is a goalie.

  • Isaac Tindi

    Isaac Tindi , Field Officer, Muyombe, Zambia- Mr. Tindi has been a part of the MMM organization since 2010. “It is my personal conviction to work with the community. I enjoy helping community members work together.”

  • Thomas Soko

    Thomas Soko, Field Officer, Chipata, Zambia- Mr. Soko started work with the MMM team in  2008. “People have seen, experienced, felt and witnessed the Love of God through the Shallow Well Program.”