Amanda with children from a village.

It’s hard to imagine that such a small act of support can make a difference, especially halfway around the world. But to the villagers that we encounter when we install pumps, we make a real difference in their lives. Our presence and the donor’s support make such a joyful impact on their lives. It’s easy to think a ten dollar donation doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but it makes a world of difference to those whom it blesses.

While in Africa, God doesn’t only reveal how we impact them but also how they impact us. At the end of each installation, the well is dedicated and a villager has a chance to say something. Often it is a word of thanks or how happy they are to receive their new well, but sometimes they want to show us their appreciation with a gift. The village generally apologizes for the size of their gift and wishes they could contribute more. The impression is that many feel their gift is inadequate compared to what they received. If they only knew how much their joy, hope, faith and generosity blessed us. Our lives weren’t just touched in that moment but carried back with us to America and imprinted on our hearts forever.

It’s strange how it takes flying thousands of miles across the world and joining together with a group of African villagers to see the importance of who we are to one another. Neither group realizing their impact but the evidence of the lives touched was plainly seen at the moment everyone gathered at the well. Our words and actions don’t need to be large and heroic in nature, but the simple obedience to love our fellow man as God does is far more powerful than we can even imagine.

-Amanda Prather, MMM Program Coordinator