Jim Nussbaumer, 2001 Volunteer

Jim Nussbaumer, 2001 Volunteer

Every time I go back to Malawi, it is sort of like going home again – I relish the thought of seeing the familiar faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ there. This year was a bit different because it was so soon after the September 11th events and it was hard to get our attention on to a people so far away with what we felt were so many problems here at home. Then, I remembered that we while we truly had some serious problems, the Malawians were living every day with the terrible living conditions they had faced forever. We could not abandon them just because we had concerns here – and most of us here were not personally affected – just slightly inconvenienced, while the Malawians live every day with the lack of clean water, education and medical care that we take for granted. We had to go help them in any small way we could.

Everywhere we went in Malawi – we were constantly amazed that the Malawians, even in the remotest villages, knew about and were concerned about the events of September 11th. Many of them were surprised that we had even come this year – thinking we would be afraid to travel or too distracted with affairs at home.

As a session clerk said in a speech to us at Engalaweni:

“… a person who provokes our brothers and sisters who are helping us to get developed, are equally provoking us. There is no way we can justify that. May the souls of our bothers and sisters rest in peace and may God continue to console all the bereaved families in USA.”

We heard this same message over and over and it made us realize how truly we are all one in Christ, no matter where we are in the world.

This year was also a very special year in another way – we and all the Malawians were thankful for the recovery Tom Logan has shown since his accident last year. Everyone was relieved to see he was physically fit and just as active and driven as he as always been. With all pitching in and with five vehicle in use this year, we seemed to be doing better than ever – getting more wells put in (350 before we left for home), earlier than ever before. I can’t begin to cover all of the memories I brought back but they all combined to make this a very special year.