Although this was my first involvement with Marion Medical Mission in Africa, it was my sixth trip to that endearing continent since 1967 when I was a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi for three years.


Jack, 2012 Volunteer

This trip reminded me of that experience with the Peace Corps, although it was much more compressed and intense. We arose daily between 4:00 and 4:30, drove to the warehouse to load the truck, then drove kilometer after kilometer, installing wells in the three regions of Lundazi, Chipata and Muyombe (Zambia).

What a gratifying experience to observe the villagers’ faces when they saw fresh, clean, clear, safe drinking water being pumped from the new well, especially after having been drawing nasty, polluted water from the previous source! Many would dance and sing, and present us with sincere, humble gifts of a chicken, peanuts, bananas and beans. They were always most grateful, and we were so pleased to have been afforded the blessed opportunity to provide such a meaningful service.

Needless to say, Marion Medical Mission has enriched my life. I am most thankful for that truly marvelous experience, and I am very much looking forward to serving again with MMM in the very near future.