Tom Logan showing his recovery by doing pushups.

Tom Logan showing his recovery by doing pushups.

We need to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed.

Marion Medical Mission’s second team returned from Malawi, Africa on November 12, 2001.

People from Colorado, Tennessee, Virginia, and Illinois went on this year’s mission trip to Malawi.

What a wonderful trip — especially for me. How great our God!!!!!

My prayer, after the tragic accident last year, was that I would be able to get back and work with the people in Malawi installing Shallow wells. On October 24th, exactly one year from the date of the accident I delivered 122 bags of cement each weighing over 100 pounds and I carried at least 30 of them by myself— Ucindami Kwa Chiuta. (Glory be to God.)

Many people say nothing can happen in Africa. That’s not been my experience, nor has it been the experience of those who go on our mission trips. 350 wells were completed in 350 villages before our teams left Malawi, Africa this year. 350 wells in 6 weeks, and the work continues with a goal of 400 wells before the end of November. That’s safe water for 120,000 people. 1700 wells have been built in the last 10 years pro viding 500,000 people with safe water. I know of no program anywhere as exciting, fulfilling and successful as this one. How special God’s blessing.

Know that the Malawians run this program. That the wells represent development that is sustained in the village. The wells are appropriate technology that can be and are being maintained by the villagers.

Marion Medical Mission went into the Kaporo area up next to the Tanzanian border for the first time last year. It’s an area that has suffered from frequent cholera outbreaks. The villagers trained last year in Kaporo built 60 wells this year by themselves. There has been no cholera anywhere we’ve built a shallow well.

A letter we received from Rev. Nyirenda, a past moderator of the Synod of Livingstonia, said in part:

“Greetings in the powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. His name is always great, the love of God is always a surprise and unconditional.

Each time I go home, each time I go to my village, I see what I regarded at one time as an impossible exercise. We have clean water to drink, surprisingly we have had the heaviest of rain for many years and none of the wells did collapse. Cholera, diarrhea, dysentery were orders of the day — now they are no more. We praise God for this.”

Very truly yours, Rev. Kingsley Nyirenda.

Why we go ... a typical water source in both Malawi and Tanzania.

Why we go … a typical water source in both Malawi and Tanzania.

This year the shallow well teams went into 6 new areas, organizing shallow well committees, building shallow wells, training village maintenance people. Our plan is to start the shallow well program in Tanzania next year. Jocelyn and I visited there, and the need is great. We were welcomed by both church and government officials.

The boys’ dormitory at the Embangweni School for the Hard of Hearing is completed and the school will accommodate 80 more pupils. As a result, 5 more teachers have been hired. Two of those teachers are hearing-impaired. The three bedroom headmasters house at Chizimya Full Primary School is finished. The Kamsolo Full Primary School school-blocks have been rehabilitated. The remaining 10 teacher houses at the Embangweni Full Primary School have been renovated and the new library/ administration building is under construction. The outside wall is already 5 feet high. These schools are a source of pride and hope for their communities.

Together as Christians we have made a difference. Together we have reached out to our neighbors in need. Together we dug the ditch. Together we brought the sand. Together we carried the cement. Together we laid the pipe. Together we installed the taps. Together we built the wells and the schools!!! As part of the body of Christ we participated.

Yet, the job is not complete. The list of schools needing help is endless. There are many who still need water. We have just scratched the surface — something like 9 million people need safe drinking water in Malawi alone. We must continue on. Doing the best we can with what we have where we are. Then going beyond what we can do by ourselves — to where we must rely on God. And we need to do it now.

How wonderful it is that God has given us the opportunity to serve Him!!!