Rev. Jeff Grote, 2006 Volunteer

Rev. Jeff Grote, 2006 Volunteer


  • When the transport started a very, very large lady meaning to sit in the empty seat next to Ron instead sat on his lap. “Well hello there!” he said.
  • Seeing the expression on Jerry’s face as a 4 month old lion cub sank its teeth into his fanny pack. His fanny back was hanging in front – just below his waist.
  • One of the urinals in the restaurant was filled with ice. Harry’s comment, “I didn’t know this was a Cajun restaurant.”
  • Ron found an egg in the glove compartment left by the first team. He attempted to throw it out the window. He missed. Yoke was dripping from his chin.


  • At a well a 9 year old girl immediately demonstrated a gift for tossing a Frisbee. Upon leaving I gave the Frisbee to her to hold and share with the village. She started crying. So did I.
  • Day care centers being built beside church after church because of the impact of aids
  • An elderly community leader said, “We have been in so much trouble. Sick from our water.”
  • Three men posing for their picture. Together they had chaired the well committee. In their 60’s you could tell they had been through many hard times together. The moist eyes said, “This is our legacy.”
  • An old man watched intently as I was tossing a Frisbee to the children. I motioned I was going to throw to him. He said, “He couldn’t.” I said, “Sure you can.” It took awhile but he caught on. Upon leaving I gave the Frisbee to him. With moist eyes he said, “I will put the children in a circle, when they miss they will sit down, until there are two.”


  • The boy was a student in the deaf school carpentry class. His father had his arm on his sons shoulder as he said, “My son is able to provide for me.”
  • Feeling like Santa Claus as children chase your soap bubbles.
  • They sang “water is medicine.”
  • “Now that I am making $60 a month as a well installation supervisor I am able to pay on my wife’s dowry.”


  • What does it say about her when a woman takes six bites out of one raisin from the trail mix ?
  • Is there anything better than going to bed at night knowing your life has been spent well that day?
  • No gas, no bread, no peanut butter – why does the latter hurt so much?
  • When you change a tire should the socket on the lug wrench twist off?

Small Miracles

  • You can tell a car is coming around the bend of a mountain path because you can see the dust.
  • Before departing I leaned against the front bumper when it moved – it was being held by one bolt. Three others were missing.
  • The first week I broke off half a tooth. There was no pain. Thought it was a tooth with a root canal – it wasn’t.
  • The church was so full the elders had difficulty serving the elements.
  • The people applauded after the sermon.