Doug Kee, 2009 Volunteer

Doug Kee, 2009 Volunteer

I spent the month of October traveling around Malawi with Marion Medical Mission. On many levels it was an experience like none other for me and one I will never forget. Please have no doubt that God is at work in our world. “Ordinary” people like the Americans and Africans who work for and support Marion Medical for 24 years have literally saved tens of thousands of lives through their ministry. For me as a volunteer worker, it was a profound privilege to assist in this mission and to know that my friends back in Plymouth, MI were praying for our team daily. We all did the impossible together as over 2,000 wells have been installed this year.

Our truck named “Bear”

The truck nicknamed

The truck nicknamed “Bear”

My partner Kevin Appelgate named our truck “Bear” after the guy on TV who jumps out of planes and eats grubs, etc. A very tough truck! The drivers of trucks like Bear experienced a three week adrenaline rush of off road driving through streams, over rickety bridges and up the sides of mountains on narrow roads. These trucks are critical to delivering needed parts to remote well sites. Yup, what a rush!

So many people

Crowd watching work at the well

Crowd watching work at the well

Even though Malawi is rural, it is heavily populated with over 13 million residents. At every village large groups of people gathered and enjoyed seeing themselves in photos. We laughed and smiled at the pictures and I will always wonder what is to come in the lives of these people? They are extremely poor and clean water is only one of many basic needs which are lacking in Malawi. What else can be done to improve their lives and their futures through health care, education, reliable food and water supply? Please pray for them.

We worked in partnership

Malawian installation personell - and villagers

Malawian installation personnel – and villagers

I was very impressed by the quality and character of the African partners we worked with. They are bright people, work very hard and are committed to the mission of this ministry. Most people we met also expressed a very strong faith in God and in the power of worship and prayer. We prayed many times each day – aloud and together! We have an awesome God!

The job got done, but more remains to be done

Traditional water hole - they still need clean water!

Traditional water hole – they still need clean water!

We worked very hard each day in Malawi to install wells. Teams I worked with installed somewhere between 85 and 90 wells during the three weeks. Our leaders wanted us to be safe but there was no doubt that the mission is to bring clean water to as many places as possible each year. Several times, village elders told me “Don’t get tired. We need you all to come back and help our neighbors, too!” May God so equip Marion Medical Mission!