MMM inspires volunteers to share the love of Christ with others. Ulemu kwa Mulungu, (Glory to God) is on the top slab of each well because building a well with MMM is a God centered project rousing us to give thanks for all the good gifts around us.
I am thankful for the missionary experience to speak of God’s love with God’s people in a foreign country.  Also, I had the opportunity to give two presentations about MMM which strengthened my commitment to the organization.   It was fun to review the history of MMM and witness it’s on going success to others while attending their church.  Something has shifted in me having given witness to my faith, the organization, and how much MMM cares for the people they serve.  I continue to grow from this experience since my return home.  Thank you Mr Kapuma, our field officer, for arranging this opportunity for Jen and I.


Barbara Heidmous, 2014 Volunteer, with villagers

Magi d Moyo (Water is life) is a phrase used often in Malawi. The impact of these words increased when I read the number one killer of children five years old and younger is from water born diseases.  The village representative speaks of needing to drink the same water to live which could also bring death.  It is a terrible circumstance to live under, so imagine their excitement when clean water pours from the well spout.


You bring clean water to them, generous donors, MMM staff, and volunteer truck drivers.  On behalf of every village I had the pleasure of meeting, 152 of them (smiley face)–tatakoza, Thank you.  In their words they understand everyone has limited resources and yet chose to help them better their lives.  They look forward to going to work and school feeling healthier.  There were many nursing babies and babies in the womb at the dedications who will never drink from the same water source as the pigs and cows, tatakoza.

There are so many memorable events.  When I return, my body is home but my head is in Africa.  The stories flood in.  I can’t get enough of just being out there with the people and I want to recall every piece of it to my extremely patient husband.  One day we were at the market center having some welding repair to our truck rack.  There were two men near by who helped return the rack to the holding slots.  The metal above and below the weld spot was hot and one man singed his hand.  Jen, my co volunteer, handed me some antibiotic cream from our first aid kit to spread on his hand.  When I glanced up from tending to his hand I noticed the other man watching closely and looking at me kindly.


Barb with women from village

I felt God’s love present in that moment of care and eye contact.  These moments are the best.

The team work with my truck partner, Jen, and the MMM team was fun to be a part of.   There is a good rhythm to unloading and installing the pump where everyone has a part.  The field officers and installers were wonderful to meet. They worked quickly and tirelessly to accomplish fresh water access to the village.

We ask the villages to tell people all about what they heard at the well dedication. I am involved in MMM because I heard from a friend about MMM from a friend.  I want others to hear about these experiences because wondrous things happen with God in Malawi. I am grateful to every person in Malawi who welcomed me to their country and village with a smile, a joke, a firm handshake or a song.  I love looking back at pictures, especially the children who were having so much fun dancing and being the fun loving friendly children they are.

Thanks and praise to the goodness of the Lord.