DiAnne with village girl

It had been one of those days that everyone has experienced if they come to Malawi with Marion Medical Mission. The water at the first well site was too shallow. We left without installing the well. At the second well there was a problem with the Android. By noon the intense sun was driving the temperature over 100 and we were feeling it. We had one more well to install. Our Field Officer said it was ‘far away’. We drove another hour over ‘rough roads’ and impossible bridges. When we got there it was a small village of 10 house holds. But remembering that even these people need clean safe drinking water, we began the installation. I started talking to one of the mamas that had greeted the truck with singing. She had a little one on her back. I told her that she had a beautiful baby. “What is her name?” The mother told me that her name was Anna. “My Grandmother’s name was ANNA!” I told her. We felt a special connection. The mother was so proud and I loved Anna immediately. About that time I saw Allen’s face and I knew something was wrong. There was only 8 inches of water in the well.

NOT enough to install the pump. The village would not have clean, safe water today.

“Paponi! Paponi! “I hugged Anna’s mama and told her that I was so sorry. She pleaded, “Remember Anna! Please come back! Don’t forget Anna!” I promised her that someone would be back. A deeper well would be dug. They would have clean, safe drinking water.

Teams 1 and 2 installed 2,831 wells. Providing clean water for over 400,000 poor in Africa.

But “Please, remember Anna!”

Anna on her mother's back

Anna on her mother’s back