In our MMM Shallow Well Team training, we are reminded to watch every day for the face of Jesus.  That was harder for me this year.  For the first time in the four years I have volunteered with MMM, I worked separately from my wife Ellen for three weeks.  Not only that, I worked for two weeks without any American partner to share the driving and other tasks.  Sad to say, in my frustration and fatigue, I failed to seek the face of Jesus as I should have.  However, He made sure I heard His voice.

It was the last work day for Team one, and it was almost 5 p.m.  I was driving back into Mzuzu with my Field Officer and Installation Supervisor.  The roads into Mzuzu, Malawi’s third largest city, were crowded with the usual assortment of pedestrians, bicycles, ox carts, cars, and lorries.  The Field Officer told me we had time for one more well.  I asked how far it was to the well site and reminded him that I needed to get back to Mzuzu House by 5:30.  I was told the village was “just there”, so I turned onto a rough dirt road, and off we went.  I had not travelled the road before, and as I drove on and on, I anxiously watched the clock.  I realized there was no way that we could install the well and get back to Mzuzu House on time.  My wife would be waiting for me, I would be driving after dark, and there would be no time to clean up the truck and have it ready to go to Lilongwe the next day. I had become lost in my own frustration, and now I began to get angry.

At that moment, my two African partners turned toward me in the cab of the truck and said, “Did you hear that?”  Hear what?  I had heard a woman yell “hello” in English, but, driving along in my personal stew, I missed the rest of what she said.
Daniel and Ellen Doshier, 2014 Volunteers

Daniel and Ellen Doshier, 2014 Volunteers

They told me she had said, “Hello, Daniel!”  I was stunned.  The Installation Supervisor reminded me that Ellen and I had installed wells in a nearby area the year before.  This woman had not only recognized me but shouted out a greeting.  She remembered my name!


The Lord knew that I needed encouragement.  He sent someone when I needed it, and He made it very personal.  He used that woman’s greeting to let me hear His voice.

Do you think well installation day in that woman’s village was a memorable event?  We would have spent less than an hour there, yet a year later, she remembered me, remembered my name, and shouted out a greeting to me.  It certainly had an impact on me.