Joel Magee, 2008 Volunteer'

Joel Magee, 2008 Volunteer

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Have you ever wondered what it was like to live on trust alone, to charge ahead expecting the impossible to become possible, to hike and drive with God on a daily basis, to see his face in so many faces, to feel the power of prayer as real as anything you have ever experienced. Come to Malawi!

Getting your 4-wheel drive Land cruiser stuck up to its lug nuts in sand, breaking down in deepest darkest Africa after dark with 10 million stars shining down on you and knowing that you are in God’s hands- safe and secure, hitting a stump and knocking your running board back six inches, fixing a flat, practicing defensive tarmac driving by beeping everything that moves (people, goats, ox carts, monkeys, dogs, donkeys, vans, buses, lorries, bicycles, cattle….), thirsting for a drink of water in the hot, burning African sun, extreme off-roading- making Baja seem like a Sunday afternoon drive in the park, grasping for breath after a seemingly endless up and down trek to a remote village where Stanley and Livingston together could not find you, arising before first light, working until after dark -all for one purpose- to provide clean water so that a child can have a chance to live to an adult age. Come to Malawi!

Joel driving into the bush

Joel driving into the bush

Share the vision- Clean water for 300,000 people this year. Working with other volunteers, field officers, well installers, villagers, donors back home. God led, we followed, 1600 plus clean water wells provided. How many can we do next year? Who can we recruit? Who will answer the call?  How great it feels to answer the call- Is it I Lord? I will go where you lead. People will perish without this vision. Come to Malawi!