It was a challenge from God through a professors teaching. I bet he never thought I would take it this far. I worked hard to get to a place that only made me realize I don’t work hard enough. I am forever changed.

Maria Krohn, 2010 Volunteer

Maria Krohn, 2010 Volunteer

Walking across a land that was unfamiliar to me yet felt so much like home. I miss it. This program changes not only the lives of those who receive the wells, but also the lives of those distributing them. Everyday my partner and I set out on rough roads. With prayers in our hearts we made it through each day. I know I scared her to death. Not knowing how to drive a stick shift when your means of transportation is only of that . . . ┬ábad idea. Especially in Africa, but we learned and we grew and we made it happen. I saw God everywhere. In the eyes of every child, in the broken feet of mothers and hands of fathers. I felt it in prayers that I didn’t understand the language, but knew exactly what was said. Amen is the same wherever you are. I get lost in the jumbled mess of a mind I have and so I wrote a poem to better interpret my experience. I didn’t realize the impact it would have. The Lord was just speaking through me to better help me to tell everyone that I understand and that I love them. So here it is to be shared with all.

Up, Up, and away.
For 3 weeks across the rainbow I stay.

Colors surround my everyday.

A smile, a handshake, and “an I don’t know what to say”

And she bows her head to pray.

Tears fall and I began to see that I had known nothing at all.

Beauty of words unknown to me
And I cry
At the sites I see

Lord . . . . help me grow, help me be part of this beautiful rainbow.

I thought I was taller than this,
The children have outgrown me here.

I am watered from the tears fallen that washes away the red dirt upon my face.

Looking in the mirror
Trying to make sense of this
Who am I? And
Why am I here?

Broken spirits from what I cannot do
Then I am reminded of words from a little friend of what “I can do”

I can love, I can smile, I can listen
I can
I can do all things through Christ who live within me

Yet I look across this rainbow and see their beautiful smiles
and hear their contagious laughter and all through a broken happily ever after.

After . . . . . .
What of that?
To leave behind so many faces.
It seems so cruel . . . . so unkind

I look at them . . . I see him. . . . I see me.

I have grown wings. I have seen the colors of your beautiful rainbow.
I have been your eyes, I have been your hands

I take more with me than souvenirs and pictures of this land.

I take color.
I am part of this rainbow, an
I can
I will.
I love you all always.
Twanga chomene.