Ed_01The trip was for me a blessing on many different levels. First, it was a blessing to be allowed to participate in the most meaningful mission trip I have ever been on, and I’ve been on a lot of them in many parts of the world. To be a part of providing clean, safe water for the large number of people is nothing short of amazing and humbling. To have the opportunity to save the lives of countless children, to effect the lives of so many women who gather water every day, to witness the most fantastic partnership between different worlds, and to watch our Lord at work. Amazing!!


The second blessing was getting to know a whole group of people who previously were strangers and then very quickly became fellow travelers, partners in mission, and friends in Christ. Very seldom have I had the experience in which a group of people of this size gelled together into a formidable group of people who not only cared for each other, but were so willing to have each other’s backs no matter what. It was a marvelous mixture of veteran MMM volunteers and rookies. The veterans were so willing to share their experience and to assist the rookies in making their trip a success not only in the safety issues, but more importantly, in the relational issues of working with the MMM personnel in Africa. I learned so much.

It was a blessing to be trusted, after one day of training, to be given a truck and assigned to Field Officer Mr. Magwaza to go and begin to put in wells. The equipment was amazing. The process is amazing, and certainly the very fact that as a whole team over six weeks to install 2478 wells is simply God’s doing, not ours.

I have watched God work over the past 34 years of my ministry. God’s way of doing things never ceases to amaze me. I don’t know why it does. You would think that after all these years one would simply expect miracles, but I think that is what makes the work of God such a miracle. Just the time we think we know what to expect, God exceeds it.

Thank you Tom, Jocelyn and all of the MMM staff. You are all wonderful instruments of God.