Jan dancing and celebrating with the women from a village.

Jan dancing and celebrating with the women from a village.

After a beautiful well dedication, the Headman shared that this well was a miracle – an answered prayer.  Their village never expected to receive such a blessing.  He asked that we share with our American Brothers and Sisters in Christ their gratitude for providing this miracle.

He closed saying that their village had ALWAYS shared their water source with the animals – with the completion of this well – they now felt like humans for the first time.  No longer would they have to drink with the animals.

At our last well dedication, the installation supervisor was assembling the pipes with the solvent that is used to lengthen and connect the pipes together.  Normally,  any excess solvent would be wiped away with a banana leaf or grass.  As he looked for material to use, he saw a dirty, tattered, wrinkled rag lying near his feet.  He reached for this rag but was stopped by the Headman and the Field Officer who explained that this was not a rag but was the Headman’s coat. Obviously his ONLY coat.

Apologies were exchanged and the installation continued.  After our dedication, when the opportunity was presented for a villager to speak, this Headman stepped forward, retrieved his coat  from the ground and shook off the dirt.  With great respect and humility, he dressed himself in this coat – smoothed the wrinkles – and shared with us his profound gratitude for this answered prayer –  finally a well with clean, safe, drinking water for his village.

A first – a miracle – an answered prayer!

-Jan Van Heiningen, MMM Volunteer