There are times when you actually feel yourself participating in a miracle.

A village woman, 83, pumps clean water for the first time after a well installation.

One such instance occurred when an older villager who spoke English very well arrived late to the well site, but before the installation of the pump was complete. He apologized and explained that he had to wait for “the old woman.” It was important to help her come to the installation because she had been praying her whole life that she would live to see clean drinking water in her village. She was 83 years old. That’s a long time to pray for clean water for your village.

A very old, very frail woman wearing what were certainly her best clothes made her way slowly and quietly down the steep hill to the well site, placing her walking stick carefully with each step. After the installation and dedication of the well were completed, the old man got up onto the well and pumped sparkling water out of the ground. He smiled broadly. He then stepped down to help the frail old woman up onto the well, put his hands on top of hers on the pump handle, and helped her draw out more of that beautiful clean water. Turning to the woman, he said, “Now you can go home to Jesus. And you can tell them that you lived to see clean water brought to your village. Your prayers have been answered.”

The joy of that moment and their unwavering expression of faith were overwhelming. We were indeed standing on hallowed ground.

-Meg Presley, MMM Volunteer