The 2015 Marion Medical Mission Team installed 2,513 shallow wells with a total of 2,715 completed by the end of the year.  The wells included over 600 in Tanzania and 500 in Zambia with the rest in Malawi. This year was a great well season.  There were no major problems or parts shortages.

However, it was a difficult year because of the famine in Malawi. A severe drought during the last growing season has led to crop failures and greatly reduced harvests in Central Malawi. Many families, who already had very little, faced critical shortages of food. In the Lilongwe District, Marion Medical Mission partnered with Rev. Kachipapa, General Secretary, the Synod of Nkhoma Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, and 22 of their rural Congregations. Working together with the Traditional Authorities, the 22 Congregations identified 16,000 households (an estimated 80,000 people) in urgent need of food support.

The cost came to $16 per 110 pound bag of maize distributed–enough to feed two average Malawian families for a month and $64 to feed two families for four months. Marion Medical Mission committed to help. Only together can we be who we were created to be. Only together can we make a difference.



(TEAM ONE: Back Row – from left to right: Tom Logan, Harry Bremer, and Wade Crain Middle Row -from left to right: Dan Kingery, Joel Magee, Jordan Banda, Steve Teksten, Carol Nussbaumer, Doug Meyer, Diana Casey, Meg Presley, Cassie Ratliff, Amanda Prather, Chrispin Mhango, Kim Hosp, Lloyd Halvorsen, Hayden Boyd, Kathy Manfredi, Mia Adams, Paul Adams, and Jane Swanson Front Row – from left to right: Suzanne Gorhau, Wayne Schultz, Steve Woxland, Moses Langa, Doug Kee, and Alisa Simpson)


(TEAM TWO: FourthRow – from left to right: Jan VanHeiningen, Jessi Stitt, Tim Exley, Slade Exley, Ed Hoke, Doug Kee, and Hayden Boyd.  Third Row -from left to right: Steve Brewer, DiAnne Hughes, Carol Hinson, Collette Ames, Lanita Ames, Betty Samelson, and Meg Presley Second Row – from left to right: Bill Krech, Jordan Banda, Vyalema Khosa, Paulette Stempfley, Carol Nussbaumer, Moses Langa, Chrispin Mhango, and Hugh Stempfley. First row -from left to right: Jim Nussbaumer, Tom Logan, and Jocelyn Logan.)